The draw for week 2 is set out below. Team managers have now been appointed so we will start communicating through the team managers. The rules for each age group will also be sent out so its clear for all. There has been a few changes to some of the teams as some new players have come in so double check with your team manager.

There are lots of opportunities for players to play lots of games during Saturday so if your players are keen, please make yourself known to the coaches and I’m sure there will be another game to play.

We are still getting some of our new game leaders up to speed so bear with them if they make a couple of mistakes. I’m sure as they get a few games under their belts their confidence will grow.

Kick offField 1 GLField 2GLField 3GLField 4GL
8:15LITTLE EASTS         
9:00LITTLE EASTS         
10:00LITTLE EASTS Roma v USA8 Sydney v Blues Mighty Whites v Roar 
11:00Wanderers v Inter USA9 v Lazio Juventus v Phoenix Victory v Tigers 
12:00USA9 v Dynamo Thunderbolts v Glory Sevilla V Chelsea Porto v Milan 
13:00USA10 v USA12 Villarreal v Monaco Stuttgart v PSG Ajax v Athletico 
14:00Hurricanes v Goal Girls USA11 v Dynamo Mayhem v Barcelona Super Sharks v Villarreal 
15:00      Super Sharks v Strikers 

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