Holiday Camps

If you cancel your holiday camp booking there is no refund provided because we have to book coaches and fields in advance. We will however try to provide you with a credit so you can attend on a different day. If you are unwell on the day and can’t attend you should email to notify us. We will provide a credit for you to attend another day. If the Club cancels a holiday camp due to wet weather we will provide a refund for the day that is cancelled only. If the day is cut short due to the weather we will provide a partial credit to use towards another day.

Registration for Winter or Spring Football

If you register to play for the Club during the Winter season (April to August) using the terms and conditions for your registration are included when you register and you should take the time to read these. Generally speaking if you change your mind we do not provide a refund. However, if the season has not kicked off we will review any requests to cancel your registration and at the Club’s discretion we will review your circumstances. Spring football registrations can be cancelled prior to the first game being played. After the first game has been played no refunds will be provided if you change your mind. For any injuries that are suffered part way through the season no refunds are provided. Insurance costs are committed prior to the season kicking off so we are unable to refund monies. If the Winter or Spring season is cancelled for reasons outside of the Club’s control, such as Government rulings, refunds are only provided at the Club’s discretion.


If you have a complaint about any aspect of the Club and its service you should email in this first instance. If you are not satisfied with the response your complaint will be escalated to the Committee.