Miniroos Development Squads (U8-U12)

For aspiring, talented young boys and girls seeking to advance their skills and technique in mixed gender squads.

The Easts FC SAP Development Program has been refined over the years to ensure that it provides the players with the opportunity to develop their love for the game and to take their football to the next level. Our program, in its 4th year, has proved very popular and successful having produced a number of players that have been accepted in to the local FNSW SAP programs and NPL programs.

The Program includes the following benefits:

  • SAP training programme as prescribed by the FFA
  • Providing young footballers with the opportunities to progress
  • FFA licenced coaches for match and training
  • Pre-Season training starts on 29th January
    • U8 & U9- Tuesdays 5pm at Moore Park
    • U10 & U11 – Tuesdays 6pm at Moore Park
    • U12 – Wednesdays 5.30pm at Waverley (30/01-27/02) and Tuesday 7pm at Moore Park (5/04-26/04)
  • Train twice a week from 2nd April
    • U8 – Tuesdays 4pm at Moore Park & Thursdays 4.30pm at Waverley
    • U9 – Tuesdays 5pm at Moore Park & Thursdays 4.30pm at Waverley
    • U10 – Tuesdays 6pm at Moore Park & Thursdays 5.30pm at Waverley
    • U11 – Tuesdays 6pm at Moore Park & Thursdays 5.30pm at Waverley
    • U12 – Tuesdays 7pm at Moore Park & Wednesdays 5.30pm at Waverley
  • Pre-Season Fitness “speed and agility” starts early February
  • Play at a competitive level in the ESFA local league (Maroubra, Pagewood, Heffron, Queens Park, Maccabi…)
  • Games are played on Saturdays from 6th April. Our home ground is Queens Park and games are played at different locations across the Eastern Suburbs within a 25-minute drive from Queens Park.
    • U8 – KO Saturday 9am
    • U9 – KO Saturday 10am
    • U10 – KO Saturday 11am
    • U11 – KO Saturday 12pm
    • U12 – KO Saturday 1pm
  • Training Kit and Match Kit provided
  • Entry to the Kanga Cup in Canberra 2019 included
  • $100 credit towards Easts 2019 holiday camps (April and July camps)
  • Additional 2019 Sunday Tournament currently being formulated
  • Football NSW insurance
  • 25 week program
  • Total price $1,050


TEAMS – Click here for the Development Squads U8-U12 for the 2019 winter season



At Easts FC we put a lot of emphasis on coaching and developing our players and pride ourselves in our program that has been put together by our Technical Director in association with Football NSW and the FFA (Football Federation Australia) curriculum. Click here to see our full coaching philosophy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does SAP mean?

SAP refers to ‘Skills Acquisition Phase’ of a player’s football development. This phase has been specifically identified in a curriculum set down by the FFA as a period between the ages of 8 and 13 where the emphasis is to be on acquiring skills and improving technique above game training and winning matches.

Easts FC adopts the FFA curriculum and has developed its SAP development program which, under the guidance of the club’s Technical Director (also of Football NSW) will be delivered to our players providing them with the core foundation skills necessary for proper football development.

Is this the same as the other SAP programs?

SAP programmes you have probably heard about refers a group of SAP licensed clubs that deliver the same SAP training programme. These Clubs play in a state based SAP league against other similarly licensed clubs across multiple districts, and as such involves much more travel. All clubs in this league are required to offer accredited coaching delivering the SAP training.

The coaching and development provided by these programs are supposed to be based on the FFA curriculum for the Skills Acquisition Phase – which is the same as the program provided by Easts FC.

How does Easts SAP Development Squad differ from the SAP league clubs?

Easts FC is an association football club. What this means is it is a not-for-profit local club that plays in a local district league against other similar clubs. Association clubs are not ‘required’ to offer accredited coaching or specific training programmes.

Easts FC has developed its own SAP accredited coaching program that provides its players with the core skills outlined by the FFA for this phase of a player’s football development. We also have the ability to grade the teams in their respective league and can even move teams up in age group to ensure as the season progresses the team is suitably matched to opposition teams to further encourage football development.

How does this the SAP Development Squad differ from normal Easts FC teams?

The Development Squad is a selective programme with limited places in each age group. To be considered your boy or girl must present a particular skill level and only those who demonstrate the highest level of required skills and attributes including commitment will be selected for the squad. Squads will be a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 24 in each age group subject to demand in each age group, and skill level observed.

Will there be mixed teams or will there be a dedicated girls team?

The Development Squad teams are offered as mixed teams, however as these are selective squads it will come down to registration and the standard of football observed during the trials, which may or not result in a mixed team. Please note there is no requirement for teams to be mixed or to have a particular number of either boys or girls in the team, it is simply an opportunity that we very much encourage.

It is important to also add that physical development between girls and boys in the younger age group has little bearing on ability.

What happens if my son/daughter does not get into the Development Squad?

 If your child does is not selected for the Development Squad they will be automatically placed into the Miniroos programme.

Easts Miniroos teams follow the same development philosophy as our SAP Development Squad.

The primary difference is the following:

  • Teams are non-selective and have a reduced training programme.
  • Teams are not expected to participate in additional tournaments outside the ESFA league and ESFA gala days.
  • There may be the opportunity to create social ‘friend’s’ teams although we cannot guarantee this.
  • Development Squad teams are continually monitored within the league to ensure they are meeting the required level of challenge. This is not a requirement of the miniroos programme.

Easts Miniroos programme offers mixed or single gender teams. The choice lies with the individual players but we recommend mixed gender teams when possible up to and including U12’s.

When will the programme start and finish?

Preseason training will commence on the week commencing the 29th January and the season kicks off early/mid March concluding at the end of August.

What is the registration cost?

The registration fee is $1,050 (deposit required of $300 to confirm place on acceptance and balance due by 31 Jan 2018) and includes the following

  • SAP accredited development program
  • FFA licenced coaches
  • Train twice weekly on all-weather pitches (Waverley & Moore Park). Training times and days are not confirmed until the new year but it will definitely be Tuesday and then one other day on either Wednesday or Thursday
  • Training kit and match kit
  • $100 credit towards Easts 2019 holiday camps
  • Entry to the Kanga Cup in Canberra 2019 included
  • Pre-Season training starts on 29th January
  • Pre-Season Fitness “speed and agility” starts early February for 29 weeks
  • Training Kit and Match Kit provided
  • Additional 2019 Sunday Tournament currently being reviewed

Football Development path for boys and girls

The chart above explains the ‘player pathway’ from U9s through to senior football at the highest national level. It is clear from this diagram that during the Skills Acquisition Phase the children are on a linear path whilst they acquire the core technical skills.

  • FNSWI – Football NSW Institute
  • NPL – National Playing League
  • NPLW – National Playing League Women
  • SAP – Skills Acquisition Phase

The Building Blocks

The Football Federation of Australia (FFA) has identified within its curriculum 4 training building blocks for player development (see below).

To further explain, the diagram below compares the football development path to that of a child’s academic education, where the Skills Acquisition Phase equates to their Primary level education.

The Skill Acquisition Phase

Between the ages of 9 and 13 children are in the Skill Acquisition Phase. This is the phase our boys and girls are currently in. The importance of this phase is an emphasis on Skill Development over winning. Focus is on the following 4 technical skills:

  • Striking the Ball
  • First Touch
  • One vs One
  • Running with the Ball

The foundation of the Skill Acquisition Phase is built upon the following:

  • Extensively providing a solid foundation of technical skill.
  • If the player does not gain this skill foundation during this phase it will be very difficult to make it up later.
  • No amount of fitness or competitive spirit will ever compensate for deficiencies in functional game skills.
  • At this age the children are ready for a more structured approach to training.

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