At Easts FC we put a lot of emphasis on coaching and developing our players and pride ourselves in our program that has been put together by our Technical Director in association with Football NSW and the FFA (Football Federation Australia) curriculum.

We use qualified FFA coaches where possible and have several C and B licensed coaches overseeing and coaching all the teams in the junior divisions.

The Easts FC junior development pathway progresses from Discovery through to Skills Acquisition and Game Training with a focus on developing players and coaches to their full potential while enjoying the game and the footballing journey.

We field teams in small sided games up to Under 12s in 2019, progressing from 4-a-side matches at U6 and U7, to 7-a-side at U8 and U9 through to 9-a-side at U10, U11 and U12. Extensive research shows that games on smaller fields with less players produces far better developmental outcomes due to each player having far more touches on the ball per game while rewarding a short passing game based on footballing skill as opposed to a traditional long ball game based with a greater emphasis on athletic prowess.

From U13 upwards teams progress to 11 vs 11 players on full-size pitches.  At this phase of the development, game training is added to the skills acquisition phase, and the players learn to master different positions and are introduced to tactics with the FFA prescribed 4-3-3 formation which is now adopted extensively on a global basis with the majority of EPL clubs using this as their standard formation.

Following on from the introduction and success of the Easts FFA coaching program in 2015, Easts FC will continue this program to continue to create a better understanding of quality youth coaching and raise the standard of football at grassroots level.  For those that want to try football and keep fit & active, this is the way to do it!

Little Easts / Aldi Miniroos – 3 – 5 years old

Since 2017 we are running The Little Easts program, where football is taught in a safe and friendly environment for children aged 3 to 5 years old. Weekly 45 minute sessions that build skills through games and simple drills delivered in an engaging and inclusive environment.

These sessions are designed for each player to get plenty of time on the ball and the prime aim of each session is for children to build fundamental motor skills.

Minis Program – U6 to U7

In 2021, Easts FC has continued its successful format of running its mid-week training program for U6 and U7 age groups. This is a structured program that Easts FC have which has now been running for six years.

MiniRoos General Program – U8 to U12

During Winter 2021, Easts FC will be provide coaching once a week for ALL MiniRoos Teams from U8/G8 to U12/G12 as part of the registration cost.

Players in these age groups will have the option to choose whether they want to be part of a graded team or to play with their friends. The size of squads is fixed at U8/U9 at 10 players and U10/U11 at 12 players. Each team from U8 to U12 will be assigned a coach, who will follow programs set out by the clubs technical director and following the Easts FFA curriculum. We encourage Parents to coach the team on match day as we are unable to provide a coach for every team at the weekend.

MiniRoos SAP Development Select Squads – U8 to U12

For aspiring, talented young boys and girls seeking to advance their skills and technique in mixed gender squads. During Winter 2021, Easts FC will be provide coaching twice a week for the Development Squad Miniroos teams from U8/G8 to U12/G12 as part of the registration cost.

Players in these age groups will have been selected in a trial session. The size of squads is fixed at U8/U9 at 10 players and U10/U11 at 12 players. Each team from U8 to U12 will be assigned a coach, who will follow programs set out by the clubs technical director and following the Easts FFA curriculum. These teams will also have the coach on match day as part of the registration cost, as well as the entry to the Kanga Cup, training and match kit and $100 credit towards Easts FC 2019 holiday camps.

Juniors – U13 to U18

During Winter 2021, Easts FC will provide Pro-Coaches for each registered team and the cost is included in registration fees. Match day coaches are not included but can be arranged if teams require. Easts FC actively encourages volunteer parents to coach their child’s team and Easts will supply lesson plans and coach guidance and help with coaching course and training as detailed below. All Pro-Coaches recommended by Easts FC will be willing to work with parent coaches and help the parents increase their coaching skills and confidence.


Easts FC is a major promoter of Girls’ football and is supported by ESFA and Football NSW. We are committed to advancing Girls football and actively encourage girls to play football. Girls are treated simply as players up until the age of U13, and are encouraged to play in mixed teams or at their choice in all girls teams or both. Girls competitions run on Sundays with mixed/boys being played on Saturday’s at the MiniRoos level. Girls are actively encouraged to try out for the All Age development squads as this is a great initial pathway to higher grade football in their future.

Parent Coaches

Easts FC welcomes all parent coaches that have gone through the Skills Acquisition Training Course to assist coaching teams during the week and manage matches on the weekend. Easts FC also encourages any parent or carer who wishes to help with training to develop their own coaching skills by completing basic entry level training courses so they can become more involved with their child and their team’s football growth.

Easts FC will be working closely with ESFA in 2021 to run a number of training courses for parents throughout the season from Grassroots (applicable to U6/U7). Skills acquisition (applicable to U9 to U13) and Game Training (applicable to U13 to U18).  We encourage parents to undertake these courses.

For those parents wishing to obtain higher level qualifications such as refereeing qualification or B and C licenses, again Easts FC and ESFA will help facilitate members obtaining these additional levels of training. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Adults – Men & Women

Easts FC will assist arranging coaches where we can and when requested by the All Age teams. We are also happy to supply lesson plans and coach guidance where appropriate and as requested. Easts FC is happy to vet the applicable coaches on the basis of their vast experience and appropriate credentials for the benefit of our players. We have also negotiated pricing with the coaches which varies depending on which coach is involved. Individual teams and squads will be able to meet the coaches to find a suitable coach with availability at the right time for coaching their team. The costs, which are in addition to player registration fees, are based upon training at grounds that Easts FC has hired for the season for normal training used by all teams. If individual teams require alternate times or venues that may not have been booked by Easts FC the cost of these grounds will be the responsibility of individual teams.